Nissan and NFL Canada Launch Social Games Promotion

NFL Social Games PromotionNFL Canada and Nissan have partnered to bring you their latest social media campaign, a contest where you “Play NFL Social Games and you could win a Nissan Pathfinder”. By signing in using your Facebook account, and playing quiz, trivia, concentration and other social games, players are able to win chances to get a new car. Considering the good quality of the games, the various social elements and the Facebook Connect, this campaign seems to be a good use of Social Gaming.

After the splash screen, you’re invited to “Connect with Facebook” to begin your gaming towards winning the new car. Right after logging in with Facebook, a huge form appears asking you to fill out your full personal information, including address. I thought the point of Facebook Connect was to reduce barriers to sign-up, but I guess these guys didn’t get the memo.

Once you’re logged in, you’re at the home page, where featured games are displayed along with recent news from the NFL. The entire premise of the games contest is that you gain “entries” into the raffle for the Pathfinder by playing games on the site. You get entries for each time you play a game, and bonus entries for ranking well in weekly competitions. The big viral element here is that you can amass 5 entries per friend you invite to the contest (up to a maximum of 100). This was a practice that Facebook attempted to curb last year due to its tendency to become spammy.

The games themselves are all sponsored by different companies, from TSN to Quizno’s, and are of good quality. The TSN quiz involved making predictions about the game’s future events, i.e. “Which game commits the first turnover of the game?” The graphics are smooth and the games have a chat bar beside them for live chat, although nobody was there when I was on.

A huge detraction from the quiz game is that upon entering that game, I was asked to sign up for their service as well to play the game. This meant entering my name and Postal Code and date of birth, again!

Social elements like the friends box on the right hand side and the leaderboards displayed alongside every game keep the site and games very social. There is always someone new to challenge and defeat, and that keeps it interesting. Football fans would probably have a good time making predictions and playing games, while winning the opportunity to win prizes. Overall, this seemed to me to be a pretty strong Social Campaign by NFL Canada.

NFL Social Games Screenshot