Ninja Kiwi’s Bloons Monkey City Invades iOS

Bloons Monkey CityNinja Kiwi has announced the release of Bloons Monkey City on iOS devices. The game is a mix between a tower defense title and a city-builder, and challenges players to complete 55 tower defense maps and 13 special missions, while constructing more than 130 buildings and decorations for their city. The web version of the game has already accumulated more than one million registered players.

In each tower defense level of Bloons Monkey City, players guard a path from invading balloons (or Bloons). These Bloons float down the lane automatically, and players can spend money to deploy up to 21 different monkey towers to stop them. Gamers earn money as they pop enemy Bloons, which can be spent on additional towers.

When placing a tower or unit, players can change their targeting to the first, middle or last troop in a line, or purchase upgrades to increase their targeting range, as an example.

As players complete more levels, they unlock more land to expand their city. While players have freedom to choose to expand in any direction they’d like, each square has a specific difficulty level, which does lead players to expand in a particular way.Bloons Monkey CityUsers earn coins by harvesting crops, and can spend their cash on unit buildings (unlocking additional troops for use in tower defense levels), an academy for researching troop enhancements (like wider attack ranges for troops), windmills for power, and more. Buildings require power to operate, so players must construct windmills (and other power buildings) to keep their town operational. Buildings also take time to construct, but players can speed this up with premium currency. It should be noted this currency is given away for free in small quantities, if players complete tower defense stages without losing any health points.

Additional in-app purchase options come in the form of buildings and decorations that can be built in the city. Some of these items come in theme packs, like one for the Eiffel Tower, and another for a sports stadium, as examples.

For social features, players can visit their friends’ towns and help destroy Bloon spies. Users can also send supply crates to their friends as free gifts. Finally, players can compete in asynchronous player-vs-player attacks, and work to earn the best score in weekly “Contested Territory” events.

Bloons Monkey City is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store. The game is currently featured in the “Best New Games” area of the platform.