NimbleBit’s Tiny Tower Vegas Comes to iOS, Android

Tiny Tower creator NimbleBit has released the newest installment in its tower-building franchise: Tiny Tower Vegas. At first glance, the game seems to just clone the original Tiny Tower, but with different floors. However, the game contains some striking differences that make the experience a new one for players on iOS and Android devices.

In Tiny Tower Vegas, users build casino and business floors, as well as hotel rooms. These hotel rooms replace apartments, and serve as another money-making feature for players. The general gameplay remains from other Tiny Tower games, as users pay coins to stock the shelves of their businesses, drop off guests to their desired floors using the elevator, build new floors to increase their tower’s profitability and more.


Since there aren’t apartments, gamers don’t have the traditional pool of tower citizens (or bitizens) to pull from to hire as employees in their businesses. However, the lobby serves as a storage room for up to five characters, which can be hired as employees, or dismissed if they’re not needed. Hiring employees costs money, and players are also encouraged to keep track of each bitizen’s affinity for particular business types.

Another major difference comes in the game’s currency system. Users now have access to chips, in addition to free coins and premium cash (Bux). These chips can be used on casino games on casino floors (like slot machines and blackjack), for a chance to win a ton of premium currency. Bux are then used to speed up the delivery of goods to businesses, instantly fill a hotel spot with a guest, upgrade hotel rooms to allow for longer stays (and therefore greater profits), upgrade businesses to stock more items, purchase appearance upgrades for the tower’s lobby, roof or elevator, and purchase speed upgrades for the elevator itself, among other options.

Players can purchase chips and bux with real money, and will sometimes be invited to watch video ads for free chips. The franchise’s light mission system also returns, seeing users completing tasks for tower guests to receive free currency. Special characters are unlocked over time, like an Elvis impersonator or the tycoon “Ronald Chump,” and the BitBook returns, giving players a view into the everyday lives of their tower’s guests and employees.

Tiny Tower Vegas is available to download for free on iTunes and Google Play. The original Tiny Tower has been downloaded by over 20 million people. A Star Wars-themed version of the game, Star Wars: Tiny Death Star, was released by NimbleBit and Disney in November 2013.