NimbleBit, Milkbag Games announce Disco Zoo for iOS

Tiny Tower developer NimbleBit has released a teaser for Disco Zoo, its upcoming iOS title created by Milkbag Games. The title will see players collecting zoo animals like hippos and elephants, and is presented with the pixelated art style players have likely come to expect.

While details are still slim on this one, NimbleBit has offered us a statement about the game.

“Through casual puzzle mechanics, rescue animals from around the world to live in your very special Disco Zoo. Earn coins from your exhibits and keep the party going for both visitors and animals with disco dancing!

NimbleBit and Milkbag have teamed up to bring you the honest free-to-play gameplay you’ve come to expect along with the soul-filled and adorable pixel graphics we’ve grown to love. Whether you love disco or the zoo, you’re bound to love Disco Zoo!”

While the game doesn’t have a firm release date, we do have a trailer to check out above. Check back soon for more, and to follow NimbleBit’s other games on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.