Nikke Finke on New Yorker Profile: Story “Manipulated By Hollywood”


Is Nikke Finke Hollywood’s most powerful scribe? Certainly many in the industry seem to think so, and she has been the center of feature stories in both The New York Times, and now The New Yorker, whose sub-head today reads: “Why Hollywood fears Nikki Finke.”

Her Deadline Hollywood Daily blog has become Hollywood’s “most dreaded news source,” as executives fear being labeled “one of the most kiss-ass incompetents to run an entertainment company,” as Finke once described NBC Universal C.E.O. and president Jeff Zucker.

It’s not surprising that there was a lot of PR influence in her New Yorker feature. Says Finke:

…I wasn’t the only one able to knock out a lot of negative stuff in the article without even one lawyer letter, email, or phone call. I witnessed how The New Yorker really bent over for Hollywood. NYC power publicist Steven Rubenstein succeeded in deleting every reference to Paramount’s Brad Grey. Warner Bros and Universal and DreamWorks and William Morris/Endeavor and Summit Entertainment execs and flacks and consultants also had their way with the mag. (They were even laughing about it. When I asked one PR person what it took to convince Tad to take out whole portions of the article, the response was, “I swallowed.”)

While Finke’s response may be entertaining, our question is: What story, especially a feature story of this caliber isn’t manipulated in some way? Read the full New Yorker profile here, and Finke’s response here.