Nike’s Instagram Strategy: Flattery Gets You Everywhere

If you want to encourage your social media followers to engage and create content for your brand, the secret sauce is quite simple: flattery. Earlier this month, for example, Nike celebrated accumulating its one millionth Instagram follower by featuring a series of ten pics chosen from we don’t even know how many.

Nike didn’t even really have to do all that much. Its team simply chose some user-submitted photos, shared them, and made ten people very, very happy by encouraging tens of thousands of users to “like” their photos and follow them. Most of these pics aren’t even particularly well-composed or creative–they’re just photos of people wearing or holding their shoes. We chose the two best:

(Side note: the first one was amazing–and the people who created it have quite a few more impressive images on their accounts. But we digress.)

See, here’s the thing: the company didn’t offer any prize money or donate anything to charity or choose a fan to star in a new commercial–they just proved that you don’t have to expend much in the way of resources to get the public’s attention. The fact that they already had a million followers made it all a whole lot easier, of course.

But the basic lesson sticks: flatter them, feature them and they’ll stay loyal.