Nightline’s Reporter Line-up

From the beginning, The Observer’s Rebecca Dana has owned the story of the new incarnation of Nightline. This week is no different. She reports on the correspondent line-up, writing that Chris Bury and John Donvan have both been locked in as reporters and that Lisa Ling might take the third slot, with CBS’ Vicki Mabrey a likely fourth following a bow out by Byron Pitts.

One key paragraph:

But the offer for Mr. Bury to remain could be interpreted not only as a commitment to a talented journalist, but also as an overture to the much-acclaimed 25-year-old broadcast’s “basic DNA.” It may help to ease what has been an awkward transition period for a tight-knit group of correspondents and producers who are fiercely proud of, and loyal to, the old version of the show. As it is now, several staffers interviewed by The Observer–all of whom requested anonymity–described an atmosphere that is at turns “mournful” and “warily optimistic.”

Another interesting aside Dana reports: Alluding to the friction that has recently often existed between Ted Koppel‘s team in Washington and the New York news executives, Dana writes that while Koppel will be honored at a big Kennedy Center reception, “a network spokesperson said that there are no plans for a primetime send-off, such as those produced for the Big Three anchors, all of whom have left their desks in the last year.”