Nightline Switch-Up Ahead?

nightline.gifSome rumors swirling (as they often do) about the future of ABC’s vaunted “Nightline.” Newsday has a remarkably detailed story about the possibility of switching Ted Koppel on Nightline for George Stephanopoulos on This Week (We’re pretty sure that’s not a fair trade, but we’re not sure on which end).

Stephanopoulos, whom if you you believe everything you hear Laura Ingraham say doesn’t sweat while maintaining his “Adonis physique,” would “lighten” Nightline and Koppel would add “gravitas” to This Week.

Sources at ABC this morning (including one “in the know”) said the article is a mix of true and wild speculation. One thing’s for sure though: You don’t have to look further back than last night or Friday to see that George has been guest hosting more Nightlines recently.