Niblets, Rock n’ Roll edition

  • Sex, Drugs, Cocoa Puffs and Fancy Canadian Lunches: Celebrity sighting! Chuck Klosterman in Toronto having lunch at the spiffy Bistro 990, where the celebs like to dine during the FilmFest. Klosterman’s in town for the Canadian launch of “Killing Yourself To Live” at The Horseshoe tonight (the Stones have played there, FYI). We are SO tempted to go by and rock some AC/DC. We always thought the line should have been “knockin’ me out with those Canadian thighs,” anyway.
  • Rick Moody is in a boring, boring band: In a recent piece for the Guardian UK, Rick Moody talks about his band, “The Wingdale Community Singers” (though he doesn’t mention his book “The Diviners” or either of its covers). “I don’t drink at all, and neither of the others drinks very much. Two-thirds of us are well into our 40s, and David Grubbs, the lead guitar player, has a baby whom he adores, and so we don’t stay out late at night, unless some club is insisting that we start at midnight. We all bathe regularly. We have no groupies.” Further proof: His band is called “The Wingdale Community Singers.” Sounds kind of like “The Von Trapp Family Singers” — maybe Rick performs in liederhosen? Okay, his band just got more interesting. [GuardianUK via TMFTML, who thinks Moody is a mite patronizing]
  • A Rolling Stone gathers no moss, or anything else that would clutter a tidy workspace: Jossip reminds us all that tomorrow is Jann Wenner’s big desk inspection day. He was reminded by a memo from Wenner’s assistant announcing that Wenner would match any donations to hurricane relief, and also that the inspection would not be forestalled. See the memo at Jossip, or just tip over your wastepaperbasket in silent defiance. [Jossip]
  • Dog days of August: officially over. Well, in a few hours. See you in September!