Nexus One Photos Look a Lot Better Than Droid Photos IMHO

Photo from Nexus One

Photo from Droid

The Motorola Droid and HTC Nexus One both include 5 megapixel digital cameras. However, megapixels never tell the entire story when it comes to digital photo quality. The photos above (top – Nexus One; bottom – Droid) are resized from the original 5 megapixel photographs. So, it may be difficult to see that, in my opinion, the Nexus One photo is far better than the photo taken using the Droid.

So, I took 420×275 pixel segments from each of the two 5 megapixel photographs to let you study at least a part of each photograph at their original resolution. You can see these two photo sections below. I think it is pretty clearn (pun intended) that the leaves seen in the first photograph (from the Nexus One) is far sharper and more distinct than the leaves seen in the second photograph (from the Droid).

Photo section from Nexus One

Photo section from Droid