Nexus One: HTC Support Site, Google 320 Page User Guide

If you have a Nexus One and need some support, remember that the device is result of two partners: Google and HTC. Here’s where you can find…

HTC Nexus One Support

It provides:

1. Web-form email contact (I just sent a question to learn what kind of response can be expected)
2. Phone numbers for support in the U.S., Hong Kong, Singapore, and the UK
3. A link to Google’s page where the Nexus One user guide can be downloaded as a free PDF file

The manual is a 320 page opus that is well worth the time to download. The big glaring hole in the document is the lack of a troubleshooting question. My Nexus One digitizer has been acting weird for two days now. So, a troubleshooting guide would be very much appreciated.