Nexus One 3G Issues – Yep, T-Mobile’s Tiny 3G Network Makes AT&T’s 3G Look Awesome By Comparison

So, here’s a little secret about my Nexus One: I had a T-Mobile SIM card in it for a day and then returned it to the Touch Pro2 it had come from. Although I’ve thrown a fair amount of criticism at Windows Mobile, it still provides the best voice call service of the various phone platforms I use (including the iPhone). I’ve been using my Nexus One like an iPod touch (WiFi-enabled mini-tablet).

T-Mobile’s 3G network footprint in my area is extremely limited. T-Mobile’s 3G network in my town makes AT&T look like a super network, to be quite honest. So, my surprise with reported Nexus One 3G problems was one of surprise since I assumed T-Mobile’s 3G network rollout in other areas was limited too.

Engadget reinforces my belief that T-Mobile’s mini-3G network is part of the reason people are having 3G issues with the Nexus One. However, it appears that there is some kind of software issue invovled too and that a OTA (over the air) fix should be coming soon…

Google: Nexus One 3G issues result of poor coverage, bugs; patch possibly within a week