Nextdoor Adds 2 Features to Help Members Cope With the Coronavirus Pandemic

Groups had been in beta-testing, while Help Map enables users to alert neighbors that they are available

Groups can be created for one neighborhood, nearby neighborhoods or citywide Nextdoor
Headshot of David Cohen

Neighborhood social network Nextdoor rolled out two new features to help its users deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

Nextdoor had been beta-testing groups, but it will now roll the feature out globally, enabling members to stay connected with neighbors, discuss topics they care about and organize ways to help each other out.

Groups can be created for one neighborhood, nearby neighborhoods or citywide.

Nextdoor said that during beta-testing, neighbors created groups on topics related to Covid-19 including: ways to unite their community and help neighbors in need; ways for parents and children to stay connected during school closings; and hobbies to keep people entertained while they practice social distancing and remain at home.

Help Map is an interactive map of a neighborhood where users can mark themselves as available to help neighbors who may need it.

Nextdoor said in an email, “Members can add themselves to the map detailing the errands or support they can help with. Particularly with at-risk and elderly neighbors being affected, we wanted to provide an easy way to find help in the coming weeks and months.”

Nextdoor David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.