Nextdoor Enables Local Public Agencies to Bring Relevant Coronavirus Information to Their Areas

The neighborhood social network has been 'in ongoing contact' with the CDC and WHO

Nextdoor users can click the Public Agencies section to see the latest posts Nextdoor
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Neighborhood social network Nextdoor shared ways that local public agencies can deliver information related to the coronavirus pandemic on a hyper-local basis.

Nextdoor said it has been “in ongoing contact” with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization to share information with local public agencies for delivery to people in their areas.

The tools available to those agencies include:

  • Real-time updates that enable them to quickly push official information and health tips related to the coronavirus to verified residents who use Nextdoor.
  • Emergency alerts that can be used to send urgent information to specific neighborhoods, such as school closures and event cancellations.
  • Polls that allow them to ask questions such as, “How are you preparing for the coronavirus?” and quantify the results.

Nextdoor said its users can click the Public Agencies section to see the latest posts, and they can receive the latest emergency alerts from those agencies by enabling alerts on their iOS or Android Nextdoor applications.

Nextdoor David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.