Nexon launches mobile board game Star City Tycoon on Android

Image via Nexon

Free-to-play mobile and social game developer Nexon has announced the launch of Star City Tycoon on Google Play, bringing Monopoly-style play to Android devices with the colorful anime graphics Nexon is known for. The game allows players to take over properties and build their fortune while also competing against others.

Star City Tycoon offers single player games against a computer opponent and multiplayer with strangers or Google+ friends. Players pick from one of five characters and then take them around the board claiming properties. Each character comes with a special skill, like being able to move to unowned properties and purchase them at a discount, as one example.

Missions are assigned to the game as players begin, offering a chance for players to take money from their opponents by completing certain in-game tasks, like visiting the same square a large number of times, for instance.

Image via Nexon

Unlike Monopoly, which requires users to purchase all properties in a single color block before purchasing buildings for those spaces, Star City Tycoon encourages users to buy land, villas, buildings and hotels on any property they land on, so long as they have the in-game cash to do so.

If players purchase all properties in a single color, they’ll earn double the rent whenever a single one is landed on by their opponent(s). The game also features random chance cards and the familiar “Pass Go” money-making mechanic.

Finally, players can purchase Star Cards for their avatars, which may increase the salary they earn from their properties, or decrease the amount of sales tax they need to pay when they land on the tax space on the board.

In addition to competition against Google+ friends, Star City Tycoon offers in-game chat and an emoticon system, as well as in-game leaderboards allowing for the comparison of high scores against friends or the top players worldwide. The game is now available to download for free on Google Play, and is coming soon to iOS.

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