Nexage looks to improve mobile ad analytics with “atomic level” insights

Mobile advertising exchange service Nexage has announced it is expanding its analytics program. The company is currently rolling out more detailed analytics tools to its customers and will soon be releasing quarterly reports with what it calls “atomic level” insights into the mobile advertising market.

According to Nexage CMO Victor Milligan, the goal is to provide guidance to the market, helping companies, journalists and investors understand how new trends and emergent behaviors are affecting mobile advertising.

“We want to go deeper than the infographics that are in the market now,” says Milligan, adding that while most of the analytics information available currently is interesting but lacks context. “It’s hard to say ‘what does that mean? What does that tell me? Was that expected?’ That’s what we want to be able to get at.”

Milligan is quick to caution that Nexage isn’t looking to compete with mobile analytics companies like Flurry or Apsalar because the company isn’t creating new products or services for analytics. “We’ve been providing a level of analytics to our customers throughout,” says Milligan. “We wanted to enhance that because we understand that as the market is maturing customers are looking for a much richer set of analytics and insight.”

The company’s analytics program will cover three broad areas: customer analytics (the information publishers and buyers get from using Nexage’s real-time bidding exchange), exchange analytics covering Nexage’s advertising exchange as a whole, and market analytics concerned with broader trends such as OS growth, CPM premiums and impression data.

In order to generate its analytics information, Nexage mines and harvests data from 13 billion impressions a month it manages. Using the assumption that the Nexage exchange is a reasonable proxy of the mobile advertising market as whole, the company hopes to provide insights relevant to the the entire industry.

In an early application of its expanded analytics service, Nexage started tracking the bid prices of location-enabled impressions after seeing more buyer activity for location-based impressions. Nexage found that the volume of bids for location enabled impressions and prices of those bids had increased substantially. In addition it found that latitude and longitude information was the most demanded feature due to the popularity of hyper-local campaigns.

Nexage expects to release its first analytics report in the fourth quarter. The company currently has more than 300 publishers brokering mobile advertising deals through its real-time bidding exchange. The company also offers a private exchange service for “premium” publishers and buyers.

In June Nexage raised a $10 million round of Series B funding from SingTel Innov8, Relay Ventures and GrandBanks Capital. The company has raised $14.5 million in total.