Newsweek: Israel ‘Fails At Public Relations’

In a story published this week titled, “Israel’s PR Problem” Newsweek columnist Michael Hirsh argues that while Israel may be “adept at war” their “dismissive attitude” when it comes to PR, “is no longer an option.”

He writes:

… challenges to Israel’s basic right to exist are beneath comment. But as long as all those Arabs and Palestinians remain in its midst, their political status unresolved, critics from all sides will keep questioning how long Israel can endure as both a Jewish state and a democracy. Why not organize a well-funded PR strategy, complete with eminent proxies (retired statesmen of the kind TV producers love to book), to begin to address those questions now?

5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian, whose agency represents the American Jewish Congress and Christians United for Israel (CUFI), agrees. “Top-line, I very much agree that Israel’s PR is lacking. The state of Israel simply doesn’t view the practice of public relations as a necessity, but rather as a secondary thought,” he told PRNewser.

The Pentagon admits to spending “millions upon millions to shape media coverage around the Iraq war,” said Torossian, yet, “Israel doesn’t take [PR] seriously. At the least, most simply and urgently, can we have spokespeople who speak English?”

Read Hirsh’s full story here.