Newsweek and Time go to college

Yale University loves the media! First it was Anderson Cooper speaking at graduation, and now it goes straight to the top as Newsweek‘s Fareed Zakaria and Time Inc. president and COO Jeffrey Bewkes join Yale University’s Corporation as two of three new trustees (the third is Donna Dubinsky, co-founder and CEO of Numenta/co-founder of Handspring). Apparently Yale has been “pursuing an ‘internationalisation’ effort” for which Zakaria is well-suited as editor of Newsweek International, host of “Foreign Exchange With Fareed Zakaria,” and winner of India’s Pravasi Award (for promotion of the Indian community abroad) earlier this month, where even protestors paused to comment that they approved his award (Zakaria Zeitgeist note: he comes up in Google alert all the time, frequently in the Indian press, which I have to say is by far the most polite journalism I have ever read: “the police in civil dress caught hold of him and dragged him out of the conference hall in an unceremonious manner” ).

In other appointment news, PBS has a new president courtesy of the Big Apple: Paula Kerger, EVP, president and COO of Educational Broadcasting Corp. which runs Thirteen/WNET and WLIW here in NY. She’ll join Jim Lehrer and Clifford The Big Red Dog in D.C. starting in March. She trades off with former PBS prez Pat Mitchell, who was announced as president of the Museum of Television and Radio on Jan. 12, 2005.

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