Newsr for Honeycomb Tablets: Free, Simple, Efficient Google Reader App

Google Reader on the desktop lets me quickly browse through dozens of RSS feeds and hundreds of feed items. I’ve been looking for a mobile app that lets me quickly take a pass at these RSS feeds on a phone or tablet for a long time. None of them, including Google’s own Reader app, has let me perform this task the way I want to – until now.

I group RSS feeds into a large number of categories like Apple, Augmented Reality, Developer, Gadgets, Gaming, Google Android and Microsoft. Many of my RSS feed categories have dozens of sources. I like to select the category and look at the most recent items from all the sources for that category and then quickly move to the next category. The developer of TweetComb (see TweetComb: A Sweet Twitter App for Android Honeycomb Tablets), Chris Stewart has another winner of an app for Google Honeycomb tablets that works exactly the way I want.


Newsr lets me tap on a feed category, see all the recent feeds for all the sources in a single list and tap on an specific feed item to read the summary. There is no navigation between feeds or feed categories. I just need to scroll and tap through my categories and feed items in them.

The app supports the usual assortment of methods to share a feed link. However, the app only populates the text body of, for example, Posterous or Gmail with the link to the RSS item. It would be far more useful and faster to use if it also populated the title line with the name of the RSS source and the title of the RSS item. This shortcoming aside, Newsr is the only mobile app I’ve tried on any platform that works the way I want a Google Reader to work. If you use Google Reader a lot and have a Honeycomb tablet, you might want to take a look at this free app.