Newsbeat From Tribune: A News Reader App that Reads to You

newsbeatNewsbeat is the latest mobile app from Tribune Digital Ventures, the latest division of the Tribune Company. The app is aimed at news junkies on the go and uses text-to-speech technology and voice-overs to convert about 7,000 stories from newspapers and websites every day.

In an announcement about the new app, Shashi Seth, president of Tribune Digital Ventures, said, “Newsbeat offers a new way to experience the best print and online news in a personalized audio streaming format. We’ve married high-quality journalism from respected reporters and publications with mobile technology to extend its reach and appeal to an audience that is often on-the-go.”

Commuters can also opt to read the app’s news stories if they so chooses. There are also settings for travel times, to optimize the number of stories, local traffic and weather updates, as well as topic customization.

Here’s a rundown of the features:
– Pick the topics of your interest and the news sections of your choice
– Play the stories you like, skip those that you don’t
– Weather and traffic narrated every 10 minutes
– News from your local publications and national newspapers
– Our streaming technology provides smooth, uninterrupted news while you drive
– Explore various sources and voices for your stories, and go in-depth to related articles
– Receive daily email news digest
– Get latest breaking news