10 Little Known Facts About New York City Facebook Users

New York City is the largest city in the United States. Between the Five Boroughs there is an abundance of different world cultures and an unmatched atmosphere throughout. The city has developed a culture and identity that makes it completely individual. The Big Apple’s sites and sounds bring in tourists from all over the world, their sports fans are passionate, and the city is a prominent place for music and history in general. We have researched the statistics of Facebook users to find out what makes New Yorkers tick. Check out our findings below!


New York City is a tricky place to calculate its total Facebook users. For our purposes, our stats are based on those living within 50 miles of New York, New York. In this area there are 7,669,620 users with profiles split between 53% female and 47% male.


Alex Rodriguez recently hit his 600th home run. The Yankees, in general, still seem to be the team to beat as they continue their winning ways after taking the World Series last year. The Yankees have 315,780 fans in New York while their National League counter part the Mets have just over 81,000 fans. The former World Series, and Mets division, rival’s the Phillies have only about 19,000 fans in the city.

The Giants seem to be the primary team in New York with over 40,000 more fans than the Jets. Maybe it is just the Eli Manning, or former player Michael Strahan and all of his new commercials?


One of the largest schools in the city, and Manhattan specifically, is New York University. Over half of the 179,100 NYU graduates are still living in the city. Currently, there are over 18,700 Facebook users enrolled at the college. If they follow the pattern, it seems quite a few of them will be extending their stay in New York.


The fans of the traditional print media outlets seems on the decline from the perspective of the city’s Facebook users. The Wall Street Journal has the largest following with 5,580 fans. New York magazine has just over three thousand fans. Suprisingly, there are less than a thousand New York Times fans who live in New York city, despite the publication having more than 697,000 Facebook fans.

The Town

The Big Apple is known for its tourist attractions, from its parks to its skyscrapers and everything in between. There are almost 22,000 fans of Central Park living in the city. Over in Brooklyn, there are about 10,000 fans of Prospect Park. The Bronx zoo has over 8,600 fans. The Statue of Liberty has just over a thousand fans in the city. A big party and celebration in Coney Island is the annual Mermaid Parade. As it turns out, it only has 1,600 local people interested on the site. Who’s ready to go do some sight seeing?


With his single, “Empire State of Mind”, being of the most-played songs around the city, it was no surprise that Jay-Z has over 170,00 fans in the city. I guess we can go ahead and declare him the king of New York. Bob Dylan put Greenwich Village on the map in the ’60s. There was just over 30,000 fans of Mr. Dylan in the city on Facebook though. Maybe the times really are changing?

Movies and Television

There has been thousands of TV shows and movies over the years that have been set in New York. Martin Scorsese made the famous ’70s movie Taxi Driver about growing up in the city. The movie has about 11,000 fans in the city.

Television show Friends has over 430,000 fans on Facebook who live in New York City. Long live the re-runs. Though a slightly innaccurate picture of the city, How I met Your Mother is still making over 84,00 people laugh in New York.


New York City is a massive place. To represent the entire city is almost impossible. Its cultures and ways make it an unmatchable place. It is a very active place on Facebook though. With over seven million Facebook users living somewhere in the five boroughs, it is safe to say that New York is, if nothing else, a strong social networking city.

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