New Viximo Social Game Platform Enables Write Once, Publish Anywhere

The number of social game platform developers has been surging lately, with companies like HeyZap, Sibblingz, OpenFeint and others fighting to give game developers the tools they need to make the best social game around. Viximo is one of the newer players in the game, and they garner hushed praise whenever they’re brought up at dinner parties. That said, they’ve today launched a new platform which connects with several social networks through one API, allowing developers to develop once and port anywhere. What conditions will help Viximo become successful?

The Viximo platform has started by partnering with IGG, Playtaki, Frosmo, Synapse Games and Mob Science, and is banking heavily on the power of multiple social networks. I had a chance to talk with their CEO at the Social Gaming Summit, and we could agree that there is a possibility that niche social networks begin to gain momentum in the coming years. A service like Viximo would gain usefulness as a variety of social networks began to take root. Viximo is also useful for this reason in the international market, because until Facebook fully wipes out its competition, there are still networks like Hyves that completely owns the Dutch market, and if Viximo were to support it, it will make it easier for teams to port their games to networks like those. Viximo already does such a thing with the rapidly emerging Quepasa, which focuses on Latino users. We did a report on this trend recently that helps elucidate the power of targeted social networks.

“Social game developers see both need and opportunity to expand beyond one dominant community, but until now it has been difficult and costly for them to manage their own distribution and integration across multiple communities,” said Dale Strang, Viximo president and chief executive officer. “Viximo’s solution seamlessly integrates social games across our network of communities, enabling game developers to quickly and easily expand onto more sites while providing our social networking partners with content that drives revenue and user engagement.”

Viximo’s distribution network reaches over 60 million monthly users and includes premium social networks such as BlackPlanet, Quepasa, Multiply, Zorpia and others. By joining Viximo’s network, social networking partners can easily set up a virtual currency, enable third party development, and have access to leading social games and application content.

“There is a large opportunity to reach millions of socially engaged users across multiple social networking sites” said IGG game developer Kevin Xu. “We are extremely enthusiastic about the opportunities that Viximo’s distribution platform offers us – it mitigates our risk, lowers costs, opens new channels, and drives user adoption across a wider network of communities.”