Check Out The All-New Twitter Search

In the past I’ve written many articles about the sheer magnificence that is Twitter’s search functionality, which easily allows you to:

Plus a bazillion other things. Despite this,, the ‘other’ official Twitter web presence, has been all but ignored by users (except when it becomes a problem). Mostly because Twitter ignores it. And when people do use it, it’s typically via the search bar at the top of the screen on

That’s fine – it’s convenient, and far more likely to be seen by users. I have long speculated if Twitter was going to phase out, and now it seems that they have. Because now when you load up that URL you’ll re-routed to!/search-home, which is the new-look Twitter search.

Here’s the old

And here’s how it looks now:

Search here or on and you get the same output page, which is!/search/searchquery.

They’ve also cleaned up the UI for the operators:

And advanced search:

Otherwise, things are basically the same. The biggest issue is that you’re still restricted to searching tweets from the past seven days, which is a problem that Twitter seems to be in no hurry to resolve. A decision which both infuriates and strikes me as totally mad, as a fully searchable archive of all tweets is worth an absolute fortune, and it’s one that will keep gaining in value day, after day, after day, after day. But hey, it’s Twitter. This is what they do.

(Hat tip: Danny Sullivan.)