Can’t Find Your Direct Messages On The New-Look They’re Here…

Earlier today Twitter unveiled a huge redesign of the homepage – we’ve covered these changes in detail here, here and here. Essentially, it’s a complete top-to-bottom revamp, and also includes UI reboots of TweetDeck, plus the official iPhone and Android apps.

So far, the switch has had a mixed reaction from users –  people are rarely happy with change, especially when it’s so dramatic – and some folks have had trouble finding some familiar features. For example, where are your Direct Messages?

Don’t worry – they haven’t been removed completely. But they have been hidden away a little, which seems an odd decision by Twitter. To access your DMs, simply click down on the Me icon – that little avatar to the left of the Compose new Tweet icon, on the top-right of – and you’ll find your Direct Messages link on the dropdown list.

When you click that link, your Direct Messages now pop-up above the homepage.

Click New Message to start a new private conversation, or click on any existing conversation to add to the dialogue.

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