How Popular Are The Stars Of TV’s New Shows On Twitter? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media is a big part of TV these days. With live tweeting encouraged while a show is on the air and interaction between the stars and their fans in between episodes, TV shows rely on Twitter and other social networks to generate buzz online.

New TV shows have to start their social media marketing from scratch, as fans won’t know their @username or likely even be interested in following until they’ve seen one or two episodes… that is, unless that TV show has a big star.

The big names attached to newly launched TV shows are often a big part of their success. They bring fans that otherwise might not have watched the show, and they give the show a big head start in terms of buzz and word-of-mouth marketing.

The infographic below was prepared by Networked Insights for AdAge, and it explores the popularity of stars in new TV shows announced by the top 5 networks in the US.

Take a look at some of the fans that these stars will be bringing to the otherwise unknown commodities that are their new shows:

  • Dane Cook (@DaneCook) is starring in NBC’s Next Caller, and brings 2,819,480 Twitter followers with him
  • Mindy Kaling (@MindyKaling), formerly of The Office, is starring in Fox’s The Mindy Project and brings 1,729,838 followers with her
  • While she might not have the numbers that some of the other celebrity tweeters have, Leah Remini (@LeahRemini) is one of the most frequent tweeters on the list, and her nearly 30,000 fans can expect responses when she’s talking about her new show Family Tools on ABC

You can take a look at some of the top Twitter stars from TVs newest shows in the infographic below:

(Infographic via Networked Insights, social TV image via Shutterstock)