New Target Market Alert! Millennials Have A Taste For The Vino

Millennials are consuming more wine than ever. The wine industry is happy about this.

Young drinkers (those just above the drinking age) are consuming more wine than previous generations of new wine lovers and, of course, the wine industry is all kinds of happy about that. Fox says companies are responding by creating and marketing wine to Millennials in ways that they hope will keep them hooked. Doesn’t sound like it would be too hard to get people excited about drinking bottles of wine, but hey… kids these days!

Melissa Saunders, the owner of importer Communal Brands, says, “[Millennials] don’t care about the pretentiousness of a wine, they want something that is authentic and speaks to them. This is a huge marketing opportunity.”

Let’s hope they don’t mess up wine by doing something completely lame.

The majority of wine drinkers are still 55 and over. Of the people who drink wine at least once per week, 30 percent are Millennials. There are now 62 million of them at legal drinking age, and another eight million who will soon reach their 21st birthdays. We’re not just dealing with millions of young people who are spending their evenings out downing tequila shots and cans of beer.

So as with all things, technology is playing a role in this new wine situation. The Internet makes information about grapes and wines more accessible. And it also opens up a new way to build up and push out the brand’s story. Millennials want to drink wine in places outside of restaurants and dinner parties. And they want wines that are more on the sweet side. So there will be more focus on social media and packaging that’s both mobile and chock full of details what the wine is all about.

But ultimately, it may come down to price. The article says $20 is the most many Millennials are willing to spend. Once you strip away the premium price, it makes wine seem less stuffy and more fun. Something to be shared with friends in relaxed settings rather than occasions that involve place settings and people you address as Mr. or Mrs. As Jezebel points out, this could mean more wine in boxes. It could also mean more wine in flasks. More secret wine drinking in movie theaters and parks. More wine at bars and parties, parked right next to the cheap/mid-priced vodka and cranberry juice. Perhaps wine has finally made it to the red Solo cup crowd. And it sounds like the industry eager for their chance to hang with the youths.