New Snapchat Ads From Mike’s Hard Lemonade Imagine a Memorial Day BBQ Trapped in GIFs

These people need to be saved

If you are 21 years or older, on Snapchat and looking forward to Memorial Day weekend, Mike's Hard Lemonade has a story for you—about a group of friends barbecuing that become trapped in GIFs. 

As part of its summerlong "Come Out Back" campaign, the bottled cocktail is running a three-part episodic of vertical video ads in a Snapchat Live Story takeover effort on Sunday. The tale begins with two friends walking up to a barbecue and realizing their friends are stuck in a robotic loop. The lead characters, played by web creators Steph Barkley and Jason Nash, then set out to help them escape their GIF-like situation. 

Check out part 1 below:

Nick Cicero, CEO of Snapchat-focused agency Delmondo, helped line up the talent for the campaign, concocted the creative and shot the videos while working with Horizon Media, the large independent media buying agency. He pointed to the fact that Mike's Hard Lemonade will get 100 percent share of voice with the national Live Story takeover, which is age-gated to block out minors. 

"And by telling an original story through Snapchat's three ad units," Cicero said, "that's something that I don't think anyone's done before."

Diane Sayler, senior manager of brand experience at Mike's Hard Lemonade, added, "The Snapchat platform gave us an opportunity to reach our consumers where they're already sharing their backyard moments in a way that's never been done before." 

Meanwhile, "We Love Hamburgers" is a secondary theme to the effort. Here's why: National Burger Day falls on Saturday, so the brand wants to take advantage of the dovetailing junctures on the calendar this year.