New Service Lets You Get Deals, Get Badges And Become a “City Ambassador”

Want to be a social media globetrotter? CityCiao can help!

Want to be a social media globetrotter? CityCiao can help!

“Globally influenced, locally consumed”—that’s the mantra behind CityCiao, a new social media site dedicated to connecting users to local experiences.

Remember the days when your passport was a keepsake of all the places you’d travelled to? Or before that, when people stuck stickers to leather suitcases to commemorate all the places they’d been? Now, you can track those experiences online with a social media passport.

The CityCiao passport isn’t a legal document that gets you across boarders; instead, it’s a kind of social passport that gets you into the coolest restaurants, bars, and social scenes. Here’s how it works: sign up with your name and email and CityCiao will send you the latest deals on restaurants and hotels in your area.

“Try a new food, enjoy an experience with your friends or impress a date.—CityCiao is your passport to the world without leaving your city” boasts the website.

Each restaurant comes with a list of reviews that are cross-referenced with other online review sites like Yelp, Urbanspoon, and tripadvisor.

Each time you purchase a deal, your profile gets “stamped” to commemorate your experience. Once you’ve collected enough stamps, you’re eligible to become a “city ambassador,” a local in-the-know.

Currently, City Ciao operates in Northern Virginia and Washington DC, but they hope to expand their network with more users. The City Ciao project is an offspring of Croft Global Travel, international adventure travel company founded in 2009. For more information, visit the CityCiao website here.