New Samsung Galaxy Will Use Eye Motion Control for Scrolling

Samsung’s next smartphone will have eye-scrolling technology, according to Brian Cheng of the New York Times. The article cites an unnamed Samsung employee who gave details about the company’s latest smart phone that will use the scrolling technology to move mobile content based on a user’s gaze.

Samsung already has European and US trademarks on its

Computer application software having a feature of sensing eye movements and scrolling displays of mobile devices, namely, mobile phones, smartphones and tablet computers according to eye movements; digital cameras; mobile telephones; smartphones; tablet computers.

The trademark indicates that Samsung is ready to bring its technology to the marketplace, where it will be competing with other eye controlling technology from Tobii and possibly Google Glass. Samsung is showcasing its latest phone on March 15 with the opening of its new flagship store. Leaked sources indicates that the new device will have some great hardware capabilities in addition to its new software technology.