New Numbers on Mobile Ad Click-Throughs are Promising

It’s not like the average person cares about mobile ads. But it’s still encouraging to hear that Greenlight Wireless, a mobile ad provider in over 175 countries, said that its new sponsored-listing service has seen a daily click-through rate of 1.0 to 3.1%. Once people click through, then Greenlight sees a whopping 44.1% click-through rate for the subsequent keyword ad page.

What does all this mean? Mobile ads are actually working. The more we see numbers like this, the more that prices will come down for mobile content. If ad-sponsored Web sites, videos, and other mobile portals are self-sustaining, then they’ll become free, and we won’t be nickel-and-dimed with monthly surcharges for every single thing we want to do on our phones. At least, that’s in theory; our Soviet-style U.S. carriers will probably have something to say about that.

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