New Nook Touch to Ship Next Month With Front Light – $139

It looks like yesterday’s leak showing a new, front-lit Nook Touch was as accurate as predicted.

Barnes & Noble has just announced the “Nook Touch with GlowLight”. They’re building on the same Nook Touch hardware with its 6″E-ink screen, and they’ve added a light to the screen.

As you probably know, an E-ink screen cannot emit light like an LCD screen, it can only reflect it. This means that any light which is integrated with an ereader must be placed in front of the screen. That’s what B&N has done here.

B&N is boasting that battery life is over a month, but they do not state how long the battery will last with the light on. Also, it’s clear that the new Nook Touch has some significant changes in the hardware; it’s nearly half an ounce lighter than the regular Nook Touch.

The new Nook is up for pre-order today for $139 at and it scheduled to arrive in stores and ship starting in early May, making a perfect gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and graduations.