New Mobile Ad Guidelines Released

According to RCR Wireless News, “yet another set” of mobile advertising guidelines will be released this week, as the dotMobi Advisory Group unveils a 44-page document for companies looking to target wireless users.

Unfortunately, it’s going to prove mostly dead in the water, because unlike other efforts that look at the mobile market as a whole, MAG is concerned only with the .mobi sliver of the wireless world.

“While that’s unlikely to appease critics-who claim a mobile-exclusive domain serves only to fragment the Web and confuse customers-it may help to serve as a beacon for publishers and advertisers looking to leverage the .mobi universe,” according to the report.

Still, most big-name media sites have shunned .mobi, and are sticking to URLs such as or, to give two examples from even the same Time Warner stable.

Mobile ads attract new guidelines [RCR Wireless News]