New Messaging App Creates Video Slideshows of Your Texts Using Getty Images

Wordie is an app that’s not actually too wordy. The app lets you create text based video messages using Getty’s images and selfies. The app overlays the text over some predefined images that you can select from, or you can choose to shoot a personal video. Then, after adding in some stock music, you can share, send, or save your Wordie video.

Here’s a sample of what that looks like:

Personally, I find the video takes a little too long to create and watch – it might be good for making gif-like videos for your favorite literature quotes or piecing together some fun cat fails, but it just feels like forever. Compared to other messaging apps, this one is not for those who wants to use a lot of words as quickly as possible.

In an statement to Techcrunch, Wordie’s founder, David Bailey said, “After photographs and Instagram it’s obvious, with faster processors, and better bandwidth, people are going to get video messaging. But we felt that Wordeo brought a simple, a new twist, a new way of doing those video messages, without forcing people to record stuff, review it, upload it.”

Even with messaging apps being released every week, there seems to be large demand for them. According to Flurry analytics, messaging apps grew by 203% in usage last year, much farther ahead than many other apps categories. If Wordie’s prediction is correct, then, video messaging will be the next thing. I’m just not sure if it should be this slow.