New Kindle RSS Feed Converter Launched

I just got an email this morning from Nikola Tepper, the developer of He’s was writing to ask for permission to convert the feed from my blog, The Digital Reader, so he could offer it for download from his site.

I thought it a little absurd that he should ask, but I can understand why he did it. About a month ago Zite received a cease and desist letter signed by a large number of publishers. Zite has been pulling web content from many news sites so that it could show that content in its iPad app, and that’s fairly similar to what Nikola wanted to do with my blog (although on a vastly larger scale).

Aside from asking permission this is a fairly ordinary feed conversion service. It’s still in beta, and the selection is limited. It’s also supported primarily in Czech, which might discourage most users. But if that’s not a hindrance, by all means, check it out.