New Jersey School District Plans iPad Only Math Class

The  Edison Township School District will be adopting an iPad based Algebra 1 curriculum this fall. This school district, located about 30 miles southwest of Manhattan, will be using the the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Fuse: Algebra 1 iPad app with 60 students, half of which will act as a control group.

Fuse, which is currently being tested in a pilot program in Calif., has already shown significant gains in student achievement. “HMH Fuse represents a quantum leap forward in the use of technology to educate our students. Teachers in California who have used HMH Fuse in their classrooms are already reporting dramatic gains in student engagement,” said Mike Lavelle, President, HMH Education Group. “Students are no longer simply receivers of information, but instead are interacting with the program and taking an active role in their own education.”

via eSchool News