New ‘iPad 2S’ Cases showing up in China – Could This be the Next iPad?

Last spring saw the leak of number of cases and dummy display models for the iPad2, both real and fictional. Today I can bring you what might be the case for the new iPad.

The case you’re looking at above comes from a Chinese manufacturer, Chinee. According to this company’s product pages, this is the case for the new iPad 2S, and as you can see, the new iPad supposedly looks a lot like the current iPad 2. According to the manufacturer, the 2S is only a slight change from the existing model and it is just 1mm thicker.

But is it real? Now that’s the important question. Chinee claims that this case was made based on specs provided from inside apple’s supply chain. But we herd much the same last year, and a lot of the iPad 2 cases turned out to be wrong. Also, do you recll the iPhone 5 cases from last fall? That device never happened.

Given how secretive Apple has been in the past, I don’t believe it’s possible for their new products to leak like this. But it’s fun to speculate, isn’t it?

alibaba via 9to5Mac