New Images Of Facebook's Impending Homepage Redesign

Facebook is in the midst of testing out new iterations of the site homepage, and earlier today, Om Malik posted images of the latest iteration. One of the things which immediately stood out to me was the removal of the “Log Out” button, which I’m guessing is not a frequently used link, or simply something the company would like to de-emphasize. The chat link also continues to appear in the lower right hand corner, however the site “toolbar” doesn’t take up the entire footer.

Much of the design is not exactly surprising for anybody who has been following updates to the developer roadmap as updated by Facebook. Also we noticed that there are no skyscraper advertisements on the sidebar, something we’ve heard Facebook is eliminating completely, opting to generate 100 percent of their revenue from their internal ad system. We’re not sure if this happens to be a by chance that there are no skyscraper ads or that the new design will in fact mark the removal of third-party ads on Facebook.

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