New Hires in Mobile Gaming: Booyah, EA Mobile, Gameloft & More

It’s a very quiet week for mobile hiring this week, according to data from LinkedIn. After nine companies marked new hires last week, activity has dropped by quite a bit in the last week. Only six mobile developers are noted to have made any new hires, and even of those, the number of individual hires was kept relatively small. Additionally, no major executive-level hires were noted this past week.

We know there are many more mobile game and mobile social app developers who are actively growing, so if your company is hiring new people or making a notable promotion, please get in touch with us here: mail (at) insidemobileapps (dot) com. We’ll get your news into an upcoming post.

Who else is hiring? The Inside Network Job Board presents a survey of current openings at leading companies in the industry.

Here’s this week’s full list:


  • Tracy Espeleta — Espeleta joins Booyah as a lead producer this week. Prior to this, she was a producer for Electronic Arts.
  • Grant Rodiek — A former lead producer from Electronic Arts as well, Grant is now a senior designer for Booyah.

EA Mobile

  • Pony (Yi) Zhang — In a single hire for EA Mobile this week, Zhang joins the team as a QA lead. He was previously a product and engineer manager for Fresh Tempo.


  • Ben Tuhoe Kenobi — Gameloft gains a new game designer with Kenobi, a former lecturer at AUT University.
  • Alin Purcaru — Purcaru joins Gameloft this week as a PHP developer. He was previously an R&D engineer at ExtendStudio.
  • Paul Fabella — Now a game designer at Gameloft, Fabellow was previously a freelance 3D artist and animator for SAGA Games.
  • Sebastien Vagnier — A former principal IC engineer for Movidius, Vagnier is now a game developer for Gameloft.
  • Miguel Camacho — In what looks to be an internal change at Gameloft, Camacho is now an HD producer, where prior, he is noted as a “brew publishing producer.”


  • JC Hewitt — In a sole hire for Loopt this week, Hewitt joins the team as an associate product manager. He was previously a staff writer for Exodus Web.


  • Eric Bieller — Previously a lead web developer and UI designer for Transpera, Bieller is now a UX/UI designer for Tapjoy.
  • Robert Fletcher — Fletcher joins Tapjoy as a new web developer. He was previously an intern web developer at Scribd.


  • Eliot Lash — Tapulous hires one new team member this week with Lash joining as a junior backend games engineer. He was previously a recording engineer intern at Creative Media Recording.