New Hires in Social Gaming: Kabam, Metrogames, Playdom, & More

With a monstrous week of hires two weeks ago and a still sizable one last week, hiring in social gaming has finally begun to slow down — at least according to the data from LinkedIn. Of the top social game developers, only six, this time around, saw any new faces.

Among the hires, RockYou has hired Greg Kearney as its VP of Engineering for Games, Zynga has brought inAnastasios Kasiolas as a new Director of Engineering and Dave Pickering joins iWin as their new VP of Engineering.

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Here’s this week’s full list:


  • Dave Pickering – The folks over at iWin filled us in on their big hire this week as Dave Pickering joins the company as their new VP of Engineering. Prior to this, Pickering was Sr. Director of Engineering for TapJoy.
  • Luis Valles – Leaving his role at Playdom as a Product Manager, Valles now fills that same role for iWin.



  • Sebastián Gioseffi – Gioseffi joins Metrogames as its newest Game Designer. Prior to this, Gioseffi was “Desarrollado,” or Developer, C++ (iPhone) for Gameloft.


  • Laurie LeDuc – Previously part of Public Relations at MySpace, LeDuc joins Playdom as their newest Product Manager.


  • Andrew Watson – Now a US QA Manager for Playfish, Watson was previously a QA Technician at Glu Mobile.
  • Johnson Lieu – Lieu joins Playfish as a Sr. Business Analyst. Prior to this, he was a Consultant at Monitor Group.


  • Greg Kearney – As noted already, Greg Kearney is now VP of Engineering for Games at RockYou! Prior to this, he was Director of Technology at Electronic Arts.


  • Chris Cleary – A former MMORPG QA Software Analyst for Sparkplay Media, Cleary joins Zynga as QA Security.
  • Katia Scott – Now a QA Analyst for Zynga, Scott was previously a QA Tester for Electronic Arts.
  • Anastasios Kasiolas – Zynga gets a new Director of Engineering in the form of Anastasios Kasiolas. His prior experience stems from Microsoft Corporation where he filled multiple roles including Principal Development Manager of the Windows Live, Web Communications Group.
  • John Por – An internal shift as Por moves from Customer Support Representative at Zynga to Customer Support Lead.
  • Rick Robertson – A former, contracted, Senior Technical Recruiter for MySpace, Robertson is now a Technical Recruiter for Zynga.
  • Hemant Burman – Burman joins Zynga as “Systems.” Before this, he was a Software Engineer for Sasken.
  • Timor Tsentsiper – Another internal change as Tsentsiper changers from Software Engineer at Zynga to Senior Software Engineer.
  • Mike Lin – Previously a Senior UI Designer for LinkedIn, Lin joins Zynga as a new Lead UI Designer.