New Hires in Social Gaming: Digital Chocolate, Booyah, Kabam, & More

Despite the holidays slowing most businesses to a crawl, many leading social games developers have been hiring quite a bit in past weeks. Until this week, according to data from LinkedIn. Of the top social companies, only six showed any new activity, with most of it coming from both Playdom and Zynga. Interestingly enough, it was Booyah that noted the biggest hire on its profile this week. The former AdMob Director of Product Management, Chung-Man Tam joins the team as Vice President of Products.

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Here’s this week’s full list:


  • Chung-Man Tam — As noted already, Chung-Man Tam joins Booyah as their new Vice President of Products. Prior to this, Tam was Director of Product Management for AdMob.

Digital Chocolate

  • Tommi Suvinen — An internal changes at Digital Chocolate as Suvinen shifts from technical manager to client programming director.
  • Farah Memon — Memon marks another change at Digital Chocolate, moving from marketing associate to marketing specialist.


  • Lauren Freeman — Previously a creative content manager for LOLapps, Freeman joins Kabam as their newest art producer.
  • Hendrick Sukardi — Sukardi has changed his role at Kabam from a business development manager (Asia) to an executive producer.
  • Ben Berens — A former producer at (US) Inc., Berens now fills the same role at Kabam.
  • Jenn Fenton — Kabam gains a new animator in the form of Fento, a former animator from Pipeline Studios Inc.


  • Rashidul Hasan — Hansan joins Playdom as their newest game developer. Prior to this, he was a software engineer for AfriGIS.
  • Rachel Nordquist — Joining Playdom as a product manager of growth is Nordquist, a former senior marketing manager for InstantAction Inc.
  • Michael Kosaka — Previously a game director for social games at PlayFirst, Kosaka joins Playdom as a senior game designer.
  • John Flynn — Playdom gains a new art director with Flynn. His previous role was as an art and creative director at Meteor Games.
  • James Robbins — An internal shift at Playdom as Robbins changes roles from senior Flash developer to development lead.


  • Christina Carter — Carter joins the PopCap team as their new localization and adaptation producer. Prior to this, she was a program manager for Microsoft.
  • Meriem Djazouli — Now a PR manager for PopCap, Djazouli was previously an account executive for Hopscotch Europe In One.


  • Chris Cleary — Cleary joins Zynga as QA security. Prior to this he was a MMORPG QA software analyst at Sparkplay Media.
  • Vince Livings — Zynga makes a small internal change with Livings who changes roles from concept and 2D artist for FrontierVille to artist.
  • Janet Harvey — A former game designer for Sony Online Entertainment, Harvey joins Zynga as a senior writer.
  • Matthew Lucero — Previously a tech stop administrator (Astreya contractor) for Google, Lucero is now a site reliability engineer for Zynga.
  • Jon Lui — Now a senior accountant at Zynga, Lui was previously a supervising senior accountant for Ernst & Young.
  • Mike Colonnese — Colonnese is now a senior artist for Zynga. Prior to this, he was an art director at Electronic Arts.
  • Gabe Leung — Formerly engineering staffing at Google, Leung is now a university relations recruiter for Zynga.
  • Kris Moreno — Moreno joins the Zynga team as a senior user researcher. Before this, she was a user research engineer at Microsoft.
  • Sanjana Shetty — Zynga gains a new communication specialist with Shetty. Her prior experience comes from 20:20 MEDIA, where she was a senior account executive.
  • Jose Sierra — Joining Zynga as a customer support agent is Sierra, a former workflow specialist CSR at France Telecom / GOA.
  • Adrian Walker — Previously a producer for Seamless Entertainment Inc, Walker now fills the same role at Zynga.
  • Joseph Kim — Kim joins Zynga as a producer. Prior to this, he was a service producer for StudioEX USA.
  • Rick Robertson — A former senior technical recruiter (contract) for MySpace, Robertson now becomes a technical recruiter for Zynga.
  • Venu Anuganti — Now a data architect for Zynga, Anuganti previously filled the same role for Marin Software.