New hires in social games: Akamon, East Side Games and more


Due to recent changes in the way Linkedin displays hiring information we have have changed the format of our weekly new hires posts. Companies who want their new hires included in the post must contact us directly at mail (at) insidesocialgames (dot) com.

Hiring in the social games sector was up this week with 18 new hires overall between five companies. Wooga reported the most activity with seven new hires. There were no high profile hires to report this week.

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If you want to know who else is hiring, the Inside Network Job Board showcases current openings with the industry’s leading companies.

Akamon Entertainment

  • Jose Antonio Hernandez, PHP programmer — Hernandez used to work at Informance and CSD.
  • David Camarena, PHP programmer — Camarena also joins the company in this latest round of hires.
  • Paolo Gambardella, Game Designer — Gambardella has held positions at Digital Chocolate, Zitro Laboratory and Bit4id.

East Side Games

  • Alex Miller, software engineer — Miller was most recently at SoMedia Networks.


  • Dave Ulliott, Data Analyst — Ulliott recently moved on from his role at Legal and General to join Mediatonic.
  • Barry Prendegast, UI/UX Designer — Barry had spent time working for Relentless Software before joining Mediatonic.
  • Craig Bendell, PHP Games Developer — Bendell joined Mediatonic after working at Emosaic Limited.
  • David Layton, Data Engineer — Layton was most recently at BSkyB and previously worked at CERN.
  • Kevin Hogan, Product Strategy Director — Hogan was promoted from Product Manager at Mediatonic having previously worked at Digital Chocolate.


  • Tatiana Burak, software developer — Burak joined from Travian Games.
  • Witek Trzcionka, artist — Trzcionka previously worked as a freelancer for several firms.


  • Daniel Friedman, Game Artist — Friedman worked as a 3D animator at Plarium LTD.
  • Viitor Gomes Rodrigues, Engineer — Rodrigues was Senior Game Developer at Glu Mobile.
  • Florian Odronitz, Engineer — Odronitz co-founded twofloats.
  • Simon Rácz, Engineer — Rácz previously was Android Core Team Lead at UStream.
  • Anke Schumacher, Controller — Schumacher was Mitarbeiterin Controlling at Air Berlin.
  • Timo Voß, Financial Accountant — Voß was formerly Mitarbeiter Kreditorenbuchhaltung at Deutsche Telekom Accounting GmbH.
  • Nadia Zryanina, Engineer — Zryanina used to be a Java Developer at Home24.