New Hires in Mobile: EA Mobile, Gameloft, Z2Live & More

After the massive week of hiring within the mobile space last week, the rate of hires has slowed in terms of companies showing new hiring activity, according to data from LinkedIn and other sources. Even larger developers such as EA Mobile and Gameloft have hired minimally this week, and of all seven highlighted companies, none showed any new executive hires.

We know there are many more mobile game and mobile social app developers who are actively growing, so if your company is hiring new people or making a notable promotion, please get in touch with us here: mail (at) insidemobileapps (dot) com. We’ll get your news into an upcoming post.

Who else is hiring? The Inside Network Job Board presents a survey of current openings at leading companies in the industry.

Here’s this week’s full list:

EA Mobile


  • Flavio Ruben, Game Developer — Starting off the new Gameloft hires is Ruben, a former game developer at Kaxan Publisher.
  • Jason Choi, Technical, Senior VFX Artist — In an apparent internal change at Gameloft, Choi moves up from a technical VFX artist.
  • Elain Teh, 2D Artists — Also joining Gameloft is Teh. Teh was previously a creative developer for Leap Learning International and self-employed at Elain Teh Art.
  • Gustave Seymore, Game Producer — Seymore was most recently a creative director and lead game designer for Avonstorm Gaming.


  • Kelsey Connolly, Human Resources Coordinator — Now a part of the Jumptap team, Connolly was formerly a control point assistant at Bartlett Nuclear.

Millennial Media

  • Matt Saunders, Principal Architect, Audience Intelligence — Joining Millennial Media this week is Saunders, who was previously data intelligence at Condaptive.


  • Thomas Chao, Senior Software Engineer, Server — Ngmoco brings on Chao this week, a former senior software engineer for Lionside.


  • Jade Liang, UI/UX Designer — Now at OpenFeint, Liang was previously a visual designer for btrax, Inc.
  • Bryant Look, Developer Relations — In an internal shift at OpenFeint, Look was previously a sales and marketing intern.



  • Joshua Dallman, Senior Game Designer — Z2Live picked up TinyCo’s former head of design and production. Before TinyCo, Dallman used to work on Millionaire City and Island God at Digital Chocolate, and then worked on Social City and other games at Playdom.