New hires in mobile apps

Due to recent changes in the way Linkedin displays hiring information we have have changed the format of our weekly new hires posts. Companies who want their new hires included in the post must contact us directly at mail (at) insidemobileapps (dot) com.

Hiring in the mobile apps sector was down this week with seven new between two companies. Gloops reported the most activity with four new hires.

If your mobile game or social app company is hiring new people or making a notable promotion, please get in touch with us. Email us at: mail (at) insidemobileapps (dot) com, and we’ll get your news into an upcoming post.

If you want to know who else is hiring, the Inside Network Job Board showcases current openings with the industry’s leading companies.


  • Masae Yoshikuni, Controller — Yoshikuni was formerly an accounting system integrator at Future Architect, Inc.
  • Kenneth Sink, Sr Engineer — Sink was a senior engineer at Rock You.
  • Jesse Greenberg, Digital & UI Artist — Greenberg worked as a lead digital artist at Trilogy Studios.
  • William Morrison, Producer — Morrison was a producer at ngmoco before joining Gloops.


  • Ilya Shereshevsky, Senior Performance Marketing Manager — Shereshevsky previously worked as the director of online marketing at Exent.
  • John Garvin, Developer Operations Engineer in Analytics — Garvin was a systems administrator at Apsalar.
  • Michelle Tom, Human Resources Associate — Tom formerly worked as a human resources representative at OneWorld Health.