New Google Voice Mobile Website Works with iPhone, Tablet (probably), & Even Windows Mobile

YouTube vide courtesy of Google

On Apple Tablet Eve (as Jan. 26 will be referred to by generations to come), Google decided to give Apple a little tweak by finally releasing something Google Voice users can work with on an iPhone…

Google Voice comes to iPhone and Palm WebOS

But, there’s more to the story than just that, of course. If the Applet tablet is based on the iPhone OS (and this makes sense to me), then Google Voice should work with the tablet on day 1 (assuming it is available for purchase today).

I also pointed my HTC Touch Pro2’s Windows Mobile browser at…

…and found that this site also work reasonably well with Windows Mobile. Most of the graphical interface seems to work. Voice mail is saved to local storage as an MP3 audio file. This isn’t optimal but is workable (unless you get a lot of email). I was also able to initiate a Google Voice phone call from the TP2. So, if you’ve got a WinMo phone, give the new Google Voice web site a try.