New Free eBook Site for Mobile Devices

This past week saw the launch of a new cloud based free eBook website. The site,, is specifically designed to work on small screens, and it was originally designed for the Nintendo DSi.

The site now hosts around 500 public domain ebooks, and you can read them from any device with a browser. You can’t download them, though; this website is strictly for reading. Each ebook on the site is divided into multiple parts so it won’t overwhelm the memory or bandwidth of your gadget. That is surprisingly mobile friendly, and it’s a feature some sites lack. doesn’t support any features such as bookmarks, annotation, or a dictionary. Again, this was designed to reduce the resources so ti could run on more devices.

Speaking of mobile sites for ebooks, did you know that Project Gutenberg has one? You can find it at, and it supports all the same features of the regular website including searching for and downloading any one of 100 thousand ebooks in multiple formats. via MobileRead