New Features for Seesmic for Windows

Seesmic announced a maintenance update for its Seesmic for Windows, with version 0.6 adding the ability to add new users to Twitter lists, the ability to follow or unfollow users, native retweeting, and the ability to block or spam users with undesired direct messages or tweets.

The company offered more details on Seesmic for Windows 0.6 in a post on the Seesmic Blog:

(The ability to add new users to Twitter lists) is a greatly appreciated feature in Seesmic Windows update. Simply by hovering over the user’s avatar, you will be able to directly access Twitter lists and add other followers. The modifications will automatically become available.

One of the most practical and useful functions of Seesmic Windows is the easiness of following or unfollowing users. If you click on the user name, you’ll visit the selected profile. Apart from the user’s information and updates, the profile includes the Follow, Unfollow and Block buttons. Of course, the profile also displays the number of users tracking the line of tweets and recent updates.

Taking into consideration the fastness of spreading information, Seesmic Windows now integrates the new native RT. We have also kept the Quote function for those of you that are still keen on the old-style RT. The gear wheel on a user’s avatar permits you to opt between the two.

If a user’s tweets or DMs have become an annoyance, it is possible to report it and Block or declare Spam. We have included this option, always having the interest to maintain your transparency and security issues unharmed.

Furthermore, we have also included the auto-correction of messages when introduced in panel box.

You can also send Images via the TweetPhoto network.