New Family of Archos Android Tablets Look Like Potential Winners

Of the three Android tablets discussed in the gadget-sphere this week, the manufacturer that I’m most certain will have actual products for sale in some reasonable time frame is Archos.

Archos unleashes five (five!) new Android Froyo tablets, we go hands-on (Engadget)

Archos has released two generations of Android tablets already. The most recent was the $200 Archos Internet Home Tablet just a few months ago. I passed on it despite its attracive price because of its resistive display (no multi-touch) and reported sluggish performance.

The new family of Android tablets Archos plans release appears much more promising:

– Multiple models with varying screen sizes
– Based on Android OS 2.2 (Froyo)
– Acceleromters
– A mix os resistive and capacitive screens (lower price vs. higher price models)
– Front facing cameras
– HDMI video output (for higher end models)
– Very competitive pricing: $99 to $299

The Archos Android tablet family looks like the most interesting bunch announced so far. Of course, Apple could change the game later this morning with a “one more thing” surprise at their expected iPod announcement event.