New Facebook platform industry hires: Adaptly, Blinq, GraphEffect, PageLever, Unified and Wildfire

Here’s this week’s list of hires in the Facebook platform industry, per LinkedIn and the companies themselves:

  • James Hill, Director of Midwest Sales – former director of advertising sales at Detroit Digital
  • Shelby Schermeyer, Media Sales Planner – former student at Boston University
  • Nate Ferrero, Senior Software Developer – former lead developer at Momentum OS
  • Chris Willis, Strategic Accounts Manager – former sales executive at Vocus
  • Calvin Lui, President and Chief Strategy Officer – former president and CEO of Tumri
  • Kieran Campbell, Sales Associate – former retail sales intern at Nordstrom
  • Patrick Danahy, Account Executive – promoted from sales associate
  • Ekaterina Petrova, New Business Representative – former student at Duke
  • Natalie Silacci, New Business Representative – former student at Saint Mary’s College of California
  • Ali Tahiri, Sr. QA Engineer – former QA Engineer at PlayHaven

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