New Facebook Virus Posts Random Images To Your Profile

-Scam Images Screenshot-It appears as though a prankster has come up with a clever little trick to get you to post a random image to your profile. It’s a simple loop which gets users to post a link an image, in turn getting your friends to click on the link and do the exact same thing. While the “virus” is not malicious and doesn’t require you to install any software on your computer, it does spam your friends which can be pretty annoying.

This latest “virus” appears to be more of a joke than anything else. It uses an iFrame to hide the actual content being posted from the user. When you visit the website, you are asked to take a “Human Test” which is essentially to “Find the BLUE button”. The blue button is a hidden version of the Facebook “Share” button. Random images like the ones posted in the image above are then posted directly to your profile with a link back to the website.

My guess is that Facebook will simply prevent users from linking to the offending website in the next hour or so, but it’s a violation that I’d expect other hackers and pranksters to exploit in the near future. For now, you aren’t at risk of anything as a result of this website, however if you see the images posted on your friends’ profiles, you’ll now know where they came from.

After users click on the share button, they are redirected to the following YouTube video which has been viewed by over 41,000 people so far. It’s a pretty random video so my guess is that they are simply using it as a way to count how many people have been affected.