New Facebook homepage module gives advertisers a look at active campaigns

Some Facebook advertisers are seeing a “Your Ads” module on their homepage in the sidebar above birthdays and other reminders. The module lets advertisers see their active campaigns at a glance.

The feature was first written about by social media consultant Jon Loomer. He explained that users can see the number of ads, campaigns and Page Likes generated today or over the past month. Clicking on the links for ads, campaigns or Likes will take users to the ads manager for more detailed reporting. Advertisers can also hover over their name to switch to view another ads account in this space. Loomer says the module only appears on News Feed, not other pages.

The “Your Ads” module could be a useful reminder for users to check on their campaigns while they’re otherwise browsing the site. If advertisers see that a campaign is doing well, they might make additional ads or increase their budget. If a campaign is underperforming, they may decide to make some adjustments.

This module is especially important for page owners who created campaigns using Facebook’s promote buttons. These advertisers might not be as familiar with the Facebook ads manager so the module is a way for them to check on their progress from the News Feed they are likely to visit more often. Also, the new “promote page” button creates campaigns that seem to run indefinitely until page owners turn them off, so this module could help them avoid spending more than they wanted to.

Image via Jon Loomer.